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Would you like to transform your kitchen at home into an on-line restaurant?

Would you like connecting with your neighbours and sharing with them your savoury recipes?

Or are you just disgusted when throwing your food away?

Okakiben is the app you need!

About Okakiben

Video introducing our fooding app okakiben

Do you enjoy cooking? Would you like an extra income?

Okakiben, the platform for selling home-made food is the solution!

As you cook for yourself and your family, cook some extra portions, and sell them to your neigbhours.

Avoid food waste, link with your neigbourhood and earn some money.

Advertise your dishes by approaching your neighbours, using social platforms or even flyers and build-up a network.

Do not hesitate, download the Okakiben app, create your profile, and get started.

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Mission and Values

Our mission is enabling home-chefs connecting with gourmets in the most efficient manner, and we want to do so by enforcing the following set of values:

  • Respect for the environment: Sustainability of our operations will be our North Pole Star
  • Neighbourhood: We want to empower individuals to strengthen their local communities
  • Stewardship: As a company, we will always do our best to support our stakeholders
  • Efficient and Responsible consumption: Too much food is wasted in our countries, and collaborative platforms such as Okakiben are part of the solution to this problem

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Share the best meal with your local neighbourhood

Our team

Ignacio Oliveras and his sister Mariana are behind the founding of Okakiben. Both are engineers and Ignacio has more than ten years of experience in software development. He is the sitting President of Okakiben, and Mariana the Honorary Chairwoman. As two engineers were not enough, Damien and Fabien joined the team. Both of them studied in the Mines ParisTech school. Damien is our acting Director, working on cleanpower projects all over the world, which made him hungry. Fabien is our acting CTO, and after creating a wine referencing guide in the internet now will help us creating the reference for home-meals sharing. None of them would be there without a little help of their friends.


Now available

You can download our Android or iOS application now and start cooking!